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Commit 8e883f6e authored by John Zhang's avatar John Zhang

uptr version of store a uint32 integer byte-by-byte and load as a whole added

parent 7ade62ce
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#include <stdint.h>
extern uint32_t test_fnc(uint32_t* pi32);
int entry() {
uint32_t i;
return test_fnc(&i);
// Compile with flag -std=c99
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <dlfcn.h>
#include "muapi.h"
#include "mu-fastimpl.h"
int main(int argc, char** argv) {
MuVM* mu_26;
MuCtx* ctx_26;
MuIRBuilder* bldr_26;
MuID id_355;
MuID id_356;
MuID id_357;
MuID id_358;
MuID id_359;
MuID id_360;
MuID id_361;
MuID id_362;
MuID id_363;
MuID id_364;
MuID id_365;
MuID id_366;
MuID id_367;
MuID id_368;
MuID id_369;
MuID id_370;
MuID id_371;
MuID id_372;
MuID id_373;
MuID id_374;
MuID id_375;
MuID id_376;
MuID id_377;
MuID id_378;
MuID id_379;
MuID id_380;
MuID id_381;
MuID id_382;
MuID id_383;
mu_26 = mu_fastimpl_new();
ctx_26 = mu_26->new_context(mu_26);
bldr_26 = ctx_26->new_ir_builder(ctx_26);
id_355 = bldr_26->gen_sym(bldr_26, "@i8");
bldr_26->new_type_int(bldr_26, id_355, 8);
id_356 = bldr_26->gen_sym(bldr_26, "@i32");
bldr_26->new_type_int(bldr_26, id_356, 32);
id_357 = bldr_26->gen_sym(bldr_26, "@pi8");
bldr_26->new_type_uptr(bldr_26, id_357, 8);
id_358 = bldr_26->gen_sym(bldr_26, "@pi32");
bldr_26->new_type_uptr(bldr_26, id_358, 32);
id_359 = bldr_26->gen_sym(bldr_26, "@1_i8");
bldr_26->new_const_int(bldr_26, id_359, id_355, 1);
id_360 = bldr_26->gen_sym(bldr_26, "@0x8d_i8");
bldr_26->new_const_int(bldr_26, id_360, id_355, 141);
id_361 = bldr_26->gen_sym(bldr_26, "@0x9f_i8");
bldr_26->new_const_int(bldr_26, id_361, id_355, 159);
id_362 = bldr_26->gen_sym(bldr_26, "@0x9c_i8");
bldr_26->new_const_int(bldr_26, id_362, id_355, 156);
id_363 = bldr_26->gen_sym(bldr_26, "@0x1d_i8");
bldr_26->new_const_int(bldr_26, id_363, id_355, 29);
id_364 = bldr_26->gen_sym(bldr_26, "@sig_pi32_i32");
bldr_26->new_funcsig(bldr_26, id_364, (MuTypeNode [1]){id_358}, 1, (MuTypeNode [1]){id_356}, 1);
id_365 = bldr_26->gen_sym(bldr_26, "@test_fnc");
bldr_26->new_func(bldr_26, id_365, id_364);
id_366 = bldr_26->gen_sym(bldr_26, "@test_fnc.v1");
id_367 = bldr_26->gen_sym(bldr_26, "@test_fnc.v1.blk0");
id_368 = bldr_26->gen_sym(bldr_26, "@test_fnc.v1.blk0.pi32x");
id_369 = bldr_26->gen_sym(bldr_26, "@test_fnc.v1.blk0.pi8x_0");
id_370 = bldr_26->gen_sym(bldr_26, "@test_fnc.v1.blk0.pi8x_1");
id_371 = bldr_26->gen_sym(bldr_26, "@test_fnc.v1.blk0.pi8x_2");
id_372 = bldr_26->gen_sym(bldr_26, "@test_fnc.v1.blk0.pi8x_3");
id_373 = bldr_26->gen_sym(bldr_26, "@test_fnc.v1.blk0.res");
id_374 = bldr_26->gen_sym(bldr_26, NULL);
bldr_26->new_conv(bldr_26, id_374, id_369, MU_CONV_PTRCAST, id_358, id_357, id_368);
id_375 = bldr_26->gen_sym(bldr_26, NULL);
bldr_26->new_store(bldr_26, id_375, true, MU_ORD_NOT_ATOMIC, id_355, id_369, id_363, MU_NO_ID);
id_376 = bldr_26->gen_sym(bldr_26, NULL);
bldr_26->new_shiftiref(bldr_26, id_376, id_370, true, id_355, id_355, id_369, id_359);
id_377 = bldr_26->gen_sym(bldr_26, NULL);
bldr_26->new_store(bldr_26, id_377, true, MU_ORD_NOT_ATOMIC, id_355, id_370, id_362, MU_NO_ID);
id_378 = bldr_26->gen_sym(bldr_26, NULL);
bldr_26->new_shiftiref(bldr_26, id_378, id_371, true, id_355, id_355, id_370, id_359);
id_379 = bldr_26->gen_sym(bldr_26, NULL);
bldr_26->new_store(bldr_26, id_379, true, MU_ORD_NOT_ATOMIC, id_355, id_371, id_361, MU_NO_ID);
id_380 = bldr_26->gen_sym(bldr_26, NULL);
bldr_26->new_shiftiref(bldr_26, id_380, id_372, true, id_355, id_355, id_371, id_359);
id_381 = bldr_26->gen_sym(bldr_26, NULL);
bldr_26->new_store(bldr_26, id_381, true, MU_ORD_NOT_ATOMIC, id_355, id_372, id_360, MU_NO_ID);
id_382 = bldr_26->gen_sym(bldr_26, NULL);
bldr_26->new_load(bldr_26, id_382, id_373, true, MU_ORD_NOT_ATOMIC, id_356, id_368, MU_NO_ID);
id_383 = bldr_26->gen_sym(bldr_26, NULL);
bldr_26->new_ret(bldr_26, id_383, (MuVarNode [1]){id_373}, 1);
bldr_26->new_bb(bldr_26, id_367, (MuID [1]){id_368}, (MuTypeNode [1]){id_358}, 1, MU_NO_ID, (MuInstNode [10]){id_374, id_375, id_376, id_377, id_378, id_379, id_380, id_381, id_382, id_383}, 10);
bldr_26->new_func_ver(bldr_26, id_366, id_365, (MuBBNode [1]){id_367}, 1);
mu_26->compile_to_sharedlib(mu_26, "test_uptr_bytestore_load.dylib", (char**){&"entry_test_uptr_bytestore_load.c"}, 1);
printf("%s\n", "test_uptr_bytestore_load.dylib");
return 0;
from test_milestones import get_fncptr
import ctypes
def test_uptr_bytestore_load():
fn = get_fncptr("test_uptr_bytestore_load", "entry", restype=ctypes.c_uint32)
assert fn() == 0x8d9f9c1d
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