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Commit ad112529 authored by John Zhang's avatar John Zhang

refactored and added a few binary operation tests

parent 913424bb
...@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@ mod test_ir; ...@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@ mod test_ir;
mod test_compiler; mod test_compiler;
mod test_runtime; mod test_runtime;
mod test_api; mod test_api;
mod test_jit;
mod common { mod common {
use std::fmt; use std::fmt;
...@@ -186,12 +187,9 @@ mod testutil { ...@@ -186,12 +187,9 @@ mod testutil {
extern crate simple_logger; extern crate simple_logger;
extern crate libloading as ll; extern crate libloading as ll;
use test_ir::test_ir::sum;
use test_ir::test_ir::factorial;
use self::mu::compiler::*; use self::mu::compiler::*;
use self::mu::ast::ir::*; use self::mu::ast::ir::*;
use self::mu::vm::*; use self::mu::vm::*;
use std::sync::Arc; use std::sync::Arc;
use aot; use aot;
extern crate mu;
extern crate log;
extern crate simple_logger;
extern crate libloading as ll; extern crate libloading as ll;
use test_ir::test_ir::sum; use test_ir::test_ir::sum;
use test_ir::test_ir::factorial; use test_ir::test_ir::factorial;
use self::mu::ast::ir::*;
use self::mu::ast::op::*;
use self::mu::ast::inst::*;
use self::mu::ast::types::*;
use self::mu::vm::*;
use std::sync::RwLock;
use std::collections::HashMap;
use testutil; use testutil;
#[test] #[test]
...@@ -35,82 +23,3 @@ fn test_sum() { ...@@ -35,82 +23,3 @@ fn test_sum() {
assert!(sumptr(10) == 45); assert!(sumptr(10) == 45);
} }
} }
fn test_add_8bit_wraparound() {
fn build_fn() -> VM {
/* Build the following bundle:
.typedef @i8 = int<8>
.const @0xff_i8 <@i8> = 0xff
.const @0x0a_i8 <@i8> = 0x0a
.funcsig @sig__i8 = () -> (@i8)
.funcdecl @fnc <@fnrsig__i8>
.funcdef @fnc VERSION @fnc_v1 <@sig__i8> {
@fnc_v1.blk0.res = ADD <@i8> @0xff_i8 @0x0a_i8
RET @fnc_v1.blk0.res
let vm = VM::new();
let i8 = vm.declare_type(vm.next_id(), MuType_::int(8));
vm.set_name(i8.as_entity(), "i8".to_string());
let c_0xff_i8 = vm.declare_const(vm.next_id(), i8.clone(), Constant::Int(0xff));
vm.set_name(c_0xff_i8.as_entity(), "0xff_i8".to_string());
let c_0x0a_i8 = vm.declare_const(vm.next_id(), i8.clone(), Constant::Int(0x0a));
vm.set_name(c_0x0a_i8.as_entity(), "0x0a_i8".to_string());
let sig__i8 = vm.declare_func_sig(vm.next_id(), vec![], vec![i8.clone()]);
vm.set_name(sig__i8.as_entity(), "sig__i8".to_string());
// .funcdecl @fnc <@fnrsig__i8>
let fnc = MuFunction::new(vm.next_id(), sig__i8.clone());
vm.set_name(fnc.as_entity(), "fnc".to_string());
let id_fnc =;
// .funcdef @fnc VERSION @v1 <@sig__i8> {
let mut fnc_ver = MuFunctionVersion::new(vm.next_id(), id_fnc, sig__i8.clone());
vm.set_name(fnc_ver.as_entity(), "fnc_v1".to_string());
// blk0
let mut blk0 = Block::new(vm.next_id());
vm.set_name(blk0.as_entity(), "fnc_v1.blk0".to_string());
// @fnc_v1.blk0.res = ADD <@i8> @0xff_i8 @0x0a_i8
let lc_0xff_i8 = fnc_ver.new_constant(vm.next_id(), c_0xff_i8.clone());
let lc_0x0a_i8 = fnc_ver.new_constant(vm.next_id(), c_0x0a_i8.clone());
let res = fnc_ver.new_ssa(vm.next_id(), i8.clone());
vm.set_name(res.as_entity(), "fnc_v1.blk0.res".to_string());
let op_add = fnc_ver.new_inst(vm.next_id(), Instruction{
value: Some(vec![res.clone_value()]),
ops: RwLock::new(vec![lc_0xff_i8.clone(), lc_0x0a_i8.clone()]),
v: Instruction_::BinOp(BinOp::Add, 0, 1)
let op_ret = fnc_ver.new_inst(vm.next_id(), Instruction{
value: None,
ops: RwLock::new(vec![res.clone()]),
v: Instruction_::Return(vec![0])
blk0.content = Some(BlockContent{
args: vec![],
exn_arg: None,
body: vec![op_add, op_ret],
keepalives: None
blocks: {
let mut blocks = HashMap::new();
blocks.insert(, blk0);
let lib = testutil::compile_fnc("fnc", &build_fn);
unsafe {
let fncptr: ll::Symbol<unsafe extern fn () -> u8> = lib.get(b"fnc").unwrap();
assert!(fncptr() == 9);
\ No newline at end of file
mod test_binops;
\ No newline at end of file
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