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Commit b7637c46 authored by qinsoon's avatar qinsoon

use c string in mu_fastimpl_new_with_opts

parent f79120b2
......@@ -122,14 +122,26 @@ impl MuVM {
pub extern fn mu_fastimpl_new() -> *mut CMuVM {
pub extern fn mu_fastimpl_new_with_opts(opts: &str) -> *mut CMuVM {
pub extern fn mu_fastimpl_new_with_opts(opts: *const c_char) -> *mut CMuVM {
info!("Creating Mu micro VM fast implementation instance...");
let mvm = Box::new(MuVM::new(opts));
let str_opts = {
if opts == ptr::null() {
} else {
let cstr = unsafe {CStr::from_ptr(opts)};
match cstr.to_str() {
Ok(str) => str,
Err(_) => panic!("invalid utf8 string as options: {:?}", cstr)
let mvm = Box::new(MuVM::new(str_opts));
let mvm_ptr = Box::into_raw(mvm);
debug!("The MuVM instance address: {:?}", mvm_ptr);
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