inspecting muc ci error outputs in detail

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......@@ -55,7 +55,11 @@ def execute_muc(bundle, name, primordial=None): # type: (str, str, Optional[str]
+ (["-f", primordial] if primordial is not None else [])
+ ["/dev/stdin", get_output_file(name)],
stdin = subprocess.PIPE); #type: subprocess.Popen
muc_proc.communicate(bundle); # Send the bundle to muc
stdoutdata, stderrdata = muc_proc.communicate(bundle); # Send the bundle to muc
assert (muc_proc.returncode == 0); # Check that muc worked
def compile_bundle(bundle, name, main = None): # type: (str, str, Optional[str]) -> None
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