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Commit 22a4132f authored by Kunshan Wang's avatar Kunshan Wang
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WIP: Bindings for all API messages.

parent fc2bb5bc
......@@ -43,13 +43,19 @@ typedef void (*MuCFP)();
// Result of a trap handler
typedef int MuTrapHandlerResult;
// Used by new_thread
typedef int MuHowToResume;
// Values or MuTrapHandlerResult
#define MU_THREAD_EXIT 0x00
// Values or MuTrapHandlerResult and muHowToResume
#define MU_REBIND_THROW_EXC 0x02
// Used by MuTrapHandler
typedef void (*MuValuesFreer)(MuValue *values, MuCPtr freerdata);
// Declare the types here because they are used in the following signatures.
typedef struct MuVM MuVM;
typedef struct MuCtx MuCtx;
......@@ -57,13 +63,14 @@ typedef struct MuCtx MuCtx;
// Signature of the trap handler
typedef void (*MuTrapHandler)(MuCtx *ctx, MuThreadRefValue thread,
MuStackRefValue stack, int wpid, MuTrapHandlerResult *result,
MuStackRefValue *new_stack, MuValue *values, int *nvalues,
MuRefValue *exception,
MuStackRefValue *new_stack, MuValue **values, int *nvalues,
MuValuesFreer *freer, MuCPtr *freerdata, MuRefValue *exception,
MuCPtr userdata);
// Memory orders
typedef int MuMemOrd;
// Values of MuMemOrd
#define MU_NOT_ATOMIC 0x00
#define MU_RELAXED 0x01
#define MU_CONSUME 0x02
......@@ -75,6 +82,7 @@ typedef int MuMemOrd;
// Operations for the atomicrmw API function
typedef int MuAtomicRMWOp;
// Values of MuAtomicRMWOp
#define MU_XCHG 0x00
#define MU_ADD 0x01
#define MU_SUB 0x02
......@@ -213,7 +221,7 @@ struct MuCtx {
// Thread and stack creation and stack destruction
MuStackRefValue (*new_stack )(MuCtx *ctx, MuFuncRefValue func);
MuThreadRefValue (*new_thread)(MuCtx *ctx, MuStackRefValue stack,
MuHowToResume *htr, MuValue *vals, int nvals, MuRefValue *exc);
MuHowToResume *htr, MuValue *vals, int nvals, MuRefValue exc);
void (*kill_stack)(MuCtx *ctx, MuStackRefValue stack);
// Frame cursor operations
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