Commit 5ac4d9fd authored by Kunshan Wang's avatar Kunshan Wang

smoke tests for most instructions

parent 0cc9cc61
......@@ -4,6 +4,9 @@ import org.scalatest._
import ch.qos.logback.classic.Level._
import uvm._
import uvm.comminsts.CommInsts
import uvm.refimpl._
import uvm.refimpl.RichMuCtx._
import uvm.refimpl.itpr._
......@@ -12,11 +15,21 @@ import uvm.ssavariables._
import uvm.ssavariables.AtomicRMWOptr._
import uvm.ssavariables.MemoryOrder._
import uvm.types._
import uvm.comminsts.CommInsts
object MuCtxIRBuilderTest {
implicit class MagicalHandle(val handle: MuInstNode) extends AnyVal {
def R(implicit ctx: MuCtx): MuInstResNode = ctx.newInstRes(handle)
def R2(implicit ctx: MuCtx): (MuInstResNode, MuInstResNode) = {
val h0 = ctx.newInstRes(handle)
val h1 = ctx.newInstRes(handle)
(h0, h1)
class MuCtxIRBuilderTest extends UvmBundleTesterBase with ExtraMatchers {
import MuCtxIRBuilderTest._
"uvm" -> DEBUG)
......@@ -362,4 +375,105 @@ class MuCtxIRBuilderTest extends UvmBundleTesterBase with ExtraMatchers {
it should "create more instructions" in {
implicit val ctx = microVM.newContext()
val b = ctx.newBundle()
val hi1 = ctx.newTypeInt(b, 1)
val hi8 = ctx.newTypeInt(b, 8)
val hi64 = ctx.newTypeInt(b, 64)
val hf = ctx.newTypeFloat(b)
val hf4 = ctx.newTypeVector(b, hf, 4)
val cf0 = ctx.newConstFloat(b, hf, 0.0f)
val cf1 = ctx.newConstFloat(b, hf, 1.0f)
val cf2 = ctx.newConstFloat(b, hf, 2.0f)
val cf3 = ctx.newConstFloat(b, hf, 3.0f)
val cv0 = ctx.newConstSeq(b, hf4, Seq(cf0, cf0, cf1, cf1))
val cv0_id = ctx.getID(b, cv0)
val cv1 = ctx.newConstSeq(b, hf4, Seq(cf2, cf3, cf2, cf3))
val cv1_id = ctx.getID(b, cv1)
val hsig = ctx.newFuncSig(b, Seq(hf4, hf4), Seq())
val hfunc = ctx.newFunc(b, hsig)
val hfunc_id = ctx.getID(b, hfunc)
val hfv = ctx.newFuncVer(b, hfunc)
val hentry = ctx.newBB(hfv)
val hentry_p0 = ctx.newNorParam(hentry, hf4)
val hentry_p1 = ctx.newNorParam(hentry, hf4)
val hadd_r = ctx.newBinOp(hentry, BinOptr.FADD, hf4, hentry_p0, hentry_p1).R
val const0 = ctx.newConstInt(b, hi64, 0)
val const1 = ctx.newConstInt(b, hi64, 1)
val hp00_r = ctx.newExtractElement(hentry, hf4, hi64, hentry_p0, const0).R
val hp01_r = ctx.newExtractElement(hentry, hf4, hi64, hentry_p0, const1).R
val hfolt_r = ctx.newCmp(hentry, CmpOptr.FOLT, hf, hp00_r, hp01_r).R
val hsel_r = ctx.newSelect(hentry, hi1, hf, hfolt_r, hp00_r, hp01_r).R
val hts = ctx.newTypeStruct(b, Seq(hi64, hf))
val constf1 = ctx.newConstFloat(b, hf, 1.0f)
val consts = ctx.newConstSeq(b, hts, Seq(const1, constf1))
val hev_r = ctx.newExtractValue(hentry, hts, 0, consts).R
val hiv_r = ctx.newInsertValue(hentry, hts, 0, consts, const0).R
val hnew_r = ctx.newNew(hentry, hi64).R
val hth = ctx.newTypeHybrid(b, Seq(hi64), hi8)
val hnewhybrid_r = ctx.newNewHybrid(hentry, hth, hi64, const1).R
val halloca_r = ctx.newAlloca(hentry, hi64).R
val hallocahybrid_r = ctx.newAllocaHybrid(hentry, hth, hi64, const1).R
val hgetiref_r = ctx.newGetIRef(hentry, hi64, hnew_r).R
val hgetfieldiref_r = ctx.newGetFieldIRef(hentry, false, hth, 0, hallocahybrid_r).R
val hta = ctx.newTypeArray(b, hi64, 10)
val halloca2_r = ctx.newAlloca(hentry, hta).R
val hgetelemiref_r = ctx.newGetElemIRef(hentry, false, hta, hi64, halloca2_r, const0).R
val hshiftiref_r = ctx.newShiftIRef(hentry, false, hi64, hi64, hgetelemiref_r, const1).R
val hgetvarpartiref_r = ctx.newGetVarPartIRef(hentry, false, hth, hgetiref_r).R
val hload_r = ctx.newLoad(hentry, false, MemoryOrder.SEQ_CST, hi64, halloca_r).R
val hstore = ctx.newStore(hentry, false, MemoryOrder.SEQ_CST, hi64, halloca_r, const1)
val (hcmpxchg_r, hcmpxchg_s) = ctx.newCmpXchg(hentry, false, false, MemoryOrder.SEQ_CST, MemoryOrder.SEQ_CST,
hi64, halloca_r, const1, const0).R2
val hatomicrmw_r = ctx.newAtomicRMW(hentry, false, MemoryOrder.SEQ_CST, AtomicRMWOptr.ADD,
hi64, halloca_r, const1).R
val hfence = ctx.newFence(hentry, MemoryOrder.SEQ_CST)
val hsigvv = ctx.newFuncSig(b, Seq(), Seq())
val hdumbfunc = ctx.newFunc(b, hsigvv)
val hdumbfv = ctx.newFuncVer(b, hdumbfunc)
val hdumbentry = ctx.newBB(hdumbfv)
val hdumbthreadexit = ctx.newCommInst(hdumbentry, CommInsts("@uvm.thread_exit").id, Seq(), Seq(), Seq(), Seq())
val hnewstack_r = ctx.newCommInst(hentry, CommInsts("@uvm.new_stack").id, Seq(), Seq(), Seq(hsigvv), Seq(hdumbfunc)).R
val hnewthread = ctx.newNewThread(hentry, hnewstack_r, None)
val hnewthread_r = hnewthread.R
ctx.setNewStackPassValues(hnewthread, Seq(), Seq())
val htrap = ctx.newTrap(hentry, Seq())
val hthreadexit = ctx.newCommInst(hentry, CommInsts("@uvm.thread_exit").id, Seq(), Seq(), Seq(), Seq())
val func = ctx.handleFromFunc(hfunc_id)
val a0 = ctx.handleFromConst(cv0_id)
val a1 = ctx.handleFromConst(cv0_id)
testFunc(ctx, func, Seq(a0, a1), None) { (ctx, th, st, wpid) =>
TrapHandlerResult.Rebind(st, HowToResume.PassValues(Seq()))
\ No newline at end of file
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