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Commit 5d43b544 authored by Kunshan Wang's avatar Kunshan Wang
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WIP: Python binding...

parent 05fc6f59
from __future__ import division, absolute_import, print_function, unicode_literals
import ctypes
def _funcptr(restype, *paramtypes, **kwargs):
return ctypes.CFUNCTYPE(restype, *paramtypes, **kwargs)
CMuValue = ctypes.c_void_p
CMuIntValue = CMuValue
CMuFloatValue = CMuValue
CMuDoubleValue = CMuValue
CMuRefValue = CMuValue
CMuIRefValue = CMuValue
CMuStructValue = CMuValue
CMuArrayValue = CMuValue
CMuVectorValue = CMuValue
CMuFuncRefValue = CMuValue
CMuThreadRefValue = CMuValue
CMuStackRefValue = CMuValue
CMuFCRefValue = CMuValue
CMuTagRef64Value = CMuValue
CMuUPtrValue = CMuValue
CMuUFPValue = CMuValue
CMuID = ctypes.c_uint
CMuName = ctypes.c_char_p
CMuCPtr = ctypes.c_void_p
CMuCFP = ctypes.c_void_p
CMuTrapHandlerResult = ctypes.c_int
CMuHowToResume = ctypes.c_int
CPtrMuValue = ctypes.POINTER(CMuValue)
CMuValuesFreer = _funcptr(
None, # return void
CPtrMuValue, # values
CMuCPtr, # freerdata
class CMuVM(ctypes.Structure):
pass # Incomplete now. _fields_ will be patched later.
CPtrMuVM = ctypes.POINTER(CMuVM)
class CMuCtx(ctypes.Structure):
pass # Incomplete now. _fields_ will be patched later.
CPtrMuCtx = ctypes.POINTER(CMuCtx)
CMuTrapHandler = _funcptr(
# return value
None, # return void
# input params
CMuCtx, # ctx
CMuThreadRefValue, # thread
CMuStackRefValue, # stack
ctypes.c_int, # wpid
# output params
ctypes.POINTER(CMuTrapHandlerResult), # result
ctypes.POINTER(CMuStackRefValue), # new_stack
ctypes.POINTER(CMuValue), # values
ctypes.POINTER(ctypes.c_int), # nvalues
ctypes.POINTER(CMuValuesFreer), # freer
ctypes.POINTER(CMuCPtr), # freerdata
ctypes.POINTER(CMuRefValue), # exception
# user-defined argument (input param)
CMuCPtr, # userdata
CMuMemOrd = ctypes.c_int
C_MU_ACQ_REL = 0x05
C_MU_SEQ_CST = 0x06
CMuAtomicRMWOp = ctypes.c_int
C_MU_XCHG = 0x00
C_MU_ADD = 0x01
C_MU_SUB = 0x02
C_MU_AND = 0x03
C_MU_NAND = 0x04
C_MU_OR = 0x05
C_MU_XOR = 0x06
C_MU_MAX = 0x07
C_MU_MIN = 0x08
C_MU_UMAX = 0x09
C_MU_UMIN = 0x0A
CMuCallConv = ctypes.c_int
def _fields_of_struct_of_methods(objtype, methods):
This function constructs the _fields_ field of MuVM, MuCtx and MuBuilder
structs. All of them starts with a (void*) header and many function pointer,
all of which take a pointer of this struct as the first argument.
``objtype`` is the type of the struct (such as CMuVM, CMuCtx).
``methods`` is a list of (name, restype, paramtypes) where paramtypes do
not include the first argument, which is implicitly
fields = [("header", ctypes.c_void_p)]
objtype_p = ctypes.POINTER(objtype)
for name, restype, paramtypes in methods:
funcptr = _funcptr(restype, objtype_p, *paramtypes)
fields.append((name, funcptr))
return fields
CMuVM._fields_ = _fields_of_struct_of_methods(CMuVM, [
("new_context", CPtrMuCtx, []),
("id_of", CMuID, [CMuName]),
("name_of", CMuName, [CMuID]),
("set_trap_handler", None, [CMuTrapHandler, CMuCPtr]),
("execute", None, []),
CMuCtx._fields_ = _fields_of_struct_of_methods(CMuCtx, [
("id_of", CMuID, [CMuName]),
("name_of", CMuName, [CMuID]),
("close_context", None, []),
("load_bundle", None, [ctypes.c_char_p, ctypes.c_int]),
("load_hail", None, [ctypes.c_char_p, ctypes.c_int]),
("handle_from_sint8", CMuIntValue, [ctypes.c_byte, ctypes.c_int]),
("handle_from_uint8", CMuIntValue, [ctypes.c_ubyte, ctypes.c_int]),
("handle_from_sint16", CMuIntValue, [ctypes.c_short, ctypes.c_int]),
("handle_from_uint16", CMuIntValue, [ctypes.c_ushort, ctypes.c_int]),
("handle_from_sint32", CMuIntValue, [ctypes.c_int, ctypes.c_int]),
("handle_from_uint32", CMuIntValue, [ctypes.c_uint, ctypes.c_int]),
("handle_from_sint64", CMuIntValue, [ctypes.c_longlong, ctypes.c_int]),
("handle_from_uint64", CMuIntValue, [ctypes.c_ulonglong, ctypes.c_int]),
class _StructOfMethodsWrapper(object):
def __init__(self, _struct_ptr):
self._struct_ptr = _struct_ptr
print("_struct_ptr:", _struct_ptr)
def _low_level_method(self, name):
struct_ptr = self._struct_ptr
method = getattr(self._struct_ptr.contents, name)
def wrapper(*args):
return method(struct_ptr, *args)
return wrapper
def __getattr__(self, name):
return self._low_level_method(name)
class MuVM(_StructOfMethodsWrapper):
_struct_type_ = CMuVM
def new_context(self):
ptr = self._low_level_method("new_context")()
return MuCtx(ptr)
class MuCtx(_StructOfMethodsWrapper):
_struct_type_ = CMuCtx
def load_bundle_from_str(self, bundle):
return self.load_bundle(bundle, len(bundle))
def load_hail_from_str(self, hail):
return self.load_hail(hail, len(hail))
class MuRefImpl2StartDLL(object):
def __init__(self, dll):
if isinstance(dll, str) or isinstance(dll, unicode):
dll = ctypes.CDLL(dll)
dll.mu_refimpl2_new.restype = CPtrMuVM
dll.mu_refimpl2_new.argtypes = []
dll.mu_refimpl2_new_ex.restype = CPtrMuVM
dll.mu_refimpl2_new_ex.argtypes = [ctypes.c_longlong,
ctypes.c_longlong, ctypes.c_longlong]
dll.mu_refimpl2_close.restype = None
dll.mu_refimpl2_close.argtypes = [CPtrMuVM]
self.dll = dll
def mu_refimpl2_new(self):
ptr = self.dll.mu_refimpl2_new()
return MuVM(ptr)
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