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Added a script

Preparations need to be done before testing, such as compiling native
programs and setting environment variables.
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......@@ -93,6 +93,31 @@ need to be built.
See [cbinding/](cbinding/ and
[pythonbinding/](pythonbinding/ for more details.
## How to test
For the impatient: run the `` script.
Detailed steps:
1. Compile native programs necessary for testing the native interface:
pushd tests/c-snippets
2. Set the `TRAVIS` environment variable to `true`:
export TRAVIS=true
This will tell the test cases in `src/test/scala` not to print excessive logs
which would be helpful for identifying problems for individual test cases.
3. Run `sbt test`.
## How to run
For the impatient: Execute the following command and see Mu running a factorial
pushd tests/c-snippets/
env TRAVIS=true sbt test
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