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......@@ -63,6 +63,28 @@ plugin]( and invoke `sbt eclipse`.
IntelliJ IDEA has plugins for Scala and SBT. Make sure you don't commit `.idea`
or generated project files into the repository.
How to run
There is a sample factorial program (generously provided by @johnjiabinzhang) in
the `src/test` directory. To run the program with all dependencies on the
classpath, you need to run it with sbt. Invoke `sbt` to enter the interactive
shell. Then type:
set fork := true
test:runMain junks.FactorialFromRPython
or directly from the command line:
sbt 'set fork:=true' 'test:runMain junks.FactorialFromRPython'
`fork := true` tells sbt to run the program in a different process than the one
running sbt itself.
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