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muapi.h parser

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Parse the muapi.h so that you can generate different bindings.
The result will be a simple JSON object (dict of dicts).
import sys
import re
r_commpragma = re.compile(r'///\s*MUAPIPARSER:(.*)$')
r_comment = re.compile(r'//.*$', re.MULTILINE)
r_decl = re.compile(r'(?P<ret>\w+\s*\*?)\s*\(\s*\*\s*(?P<name>\w+)\s*\)\s*\((?P<params>[^)]*)\)\s*;\s*(?:///\s*MUAPIPARSER\s+(?P<pragma>.*)$)?', re.MULTILINE)
r_param = re.compile(r'\s*(?P<type>\w+\s*\*?)\s*(?P<name>\w+)')
r_value_ty = re.compile(r'Mu\w*(Value|Node)')
r_define = re.compile(r'#define\s*(?P<name>\w+)\s*(?P<value>\w+)')
r_struct_start = re.compile(r'^struct\s+(\w+)\s*\{')
r_struct_end = re.compile(r'^\};')
def filter_ret_ty(text):
return text.replace(" ","")
def extract_params(text):
params = []
for text1 in text.split(','):
ty, name =
ty = ty.replace(" ",'')
params.append({"type": ty, "name": name})
return params
def extract_pragmas(text):
text = text.strip()
if len(text) == 0:
return []
return text.split(";")
def extract_methods(body):
methods = []
for ret, name, params, pragma in r_decl.findall(body):
"name": name,
"params": extract_params(params),
"ret_ty": filter_ret_ty(ret),
"pragmas": extract_pragmas(pragma),
return methods
def extract_struct(lines, name):
for i in range(len(lines)):
m =[i])
if m is not None and == name:
for j in range(i+1, len(lines)):
m2 =[j])
if m2 is not None:
body = lines[i+1:j]
return "\n".join(body)
raise Exception("Cannot find the end of struct {}".format(name))
raise Exception("Cannot find the start of struct {}".format(name))
def extract_enums(lines, typename, pattern):
defs = []
for line in lines:
m =
if m is not None:
name, value = m.groups()
if is not None:
defs.append({"name": name, "value": value})
return {
"name": typename,
"defs": defs,
_top_level_structs = ["MuVM", "MuCtx"]
_enums = [(typename, re.compile(regex)) for typename, regex in [
("MuTrapHandlerResult", r'^MU_(THREAD|REBIND)'),
("MuDestKind", r'^MU_DEST_'),
("MuBinOptr", r'^MU_BINOP_'),
("MuCmpOptr", r'^MU_CMP_'),
("MuConvOptr", r'^MU_CONV_'),
("MuMemOrd", r'^MU_ORD_'),
("MuAtomicRMWOp", r'^MU_ARMW_'),
("MuFlag", r'^MU_CC_'),
def parse_muapi(text):
structs = []
lines = text.splitlines()
for sn in _top_level_structs:
b = extract_struct(lines, sn)
methods = extract_methods(b)
structs.append({"name": sn, "methods": methods})
enums = []
for tn,pat in _enums:
enums.append(extract_enums(lines, tn, pat))
return {
"structs": structs,
"enums": enums,
if __name__=='__main__':
import sys, pprint, shutil
width = 80
width, height = shutil.get_terminal_size((80, 25))
text =
pprint.pprint(parse_muapi(text), width=width)
Converts MuCtx methods in muapi.h to nativeClientSupport
USAGE: python3 < cbinding/muapi.h | xclip -selection c
then paste in function signatures, then paste the result in
Use pbcopy on Mac.
import sys
import re
r_comment = re.compile(r'//.*$', re.MULTILINE)
r_decl = re.compile(r'(?P<ret>\w+)\s*\(\s*\*\s*(?P<name>\w+)\s*\)\s*\((?P<params>[^)]*)\)\s*;')
r_param = re.compile(r'\s*(?P<type>\w+)\s*(?P<ptr>\*?)\s*(?P<name>\w+)')
r_value_ty = re.compile(r'Mu\w*(Value|Node)')
begin = "/// IR Builder API"
end = "// Common instruction opcodes"
target_begin = '/// SCRIPT: INSERT BEGIN'
target_begin = '/// SCRIPT: INSERT END'
lines =
l1 = [n for (n,l) in enumerate(lines) if begin in l][0]
l2 = [n for (n,l) in enumerate(lines) if end in l][0]
text = "\n".join(lines[l1+1:l2])
text = r_comment.sub("", text)
_simple_map = {
"void": "Unit",
"int": "Int",
"long": "Long",
"uint64_t": "Long",
"uint64_t*": "LongPtr",
"float": "Float",
"double": "Double",
def conv_ret_ty(ty):
if ty in _simple_map:
ty = _simple_map[ty]
m = r_value_ty.match(ty)
if m is not None:
return (True, "MuValueFak")
return (False, ty)
_special_case = {
"id": "ID",
"uptr": "UPtr",
"ufuncptr": "UFuncPtr",
"iref": "IRef",
"weakref": "WeakRef",
"funcref": "FuncRef",
"tagref64": "TagRef64",
"threadref": "ThreadRef",
"stackref": "StackRef",
"framecursorref": "FrameCursorRef",
"irnoderef": "IRNodeRef",
"funcsig": "FuncSig",
"bb": "BB",
"keepalives": "KeepAlives",
"binop": "BinOp",
"tailcall": "TailCall",
"extractvalue": "ExtractValue",
"insertvalue" : "InsertValue",
"extractelement": "ExtractElement",
"insertelement" : "InsertElement",
"shufflevector" : "ShuffleVector",
"newhybrid" : "NewHybrid",
"allocahybrid" : "AllocaHybrid",
"getiref" : "GetIRef",
"getfieldiref" : "GetFieldIRef",
"getelemiref" : "GetElemIRef",
"shiftiref" : "ShiftIRef",
"getvarpartiref": "GetVarPartIRef",
"cmpxchg" : "CmpXchg",
"atomicrmw" : "AtomicRMW",
"watchpoint" : "WatchPoint",
"wpbranch" : "WPBranch",
"ccall" : "CCall",
"newthread" : "NewThread",
"newstack" : "NewStack",
"swapstack" : "SwapStack",
"comminst" : "CommInst",
def toCamelCase(name):
ins = name.split("_")
outs = [ins[0]]
for inn in ins[1:]:
if inn in _special_case:
return "".join(outs)
_special_param = {
def conv_param_ty(name, ty):
if ty == "MuCtx*":
return "MuCtx"
elif r_value_ty.match(ty) is not None and ty.endswith("*"):
return "MuValueFakArrayPtr"
elif ty == "MuFlag*":
return "MuFlagArrayPtr"
elif name == "threadlocal" and ty == "MuVarNode":
return "Option[MuVarNode]"
elif ty in _special_param:
return _special_param[ty]
elif ty in _simple_map:
return _simple_map[ty]
return ty
def conv_param_val(func, name, ty):
if ty == "MuValueFakArrayPtr":
if func == "set_newstack_pass_values":
lenvar = "nvars"
lenvar = "n" + name
return "readFromValueFakArray({}, {})".format(name, lenvar)
elif ty == "MuFlagArrayPtr":
lenvar = "n" + name
return "readFromFlagArray({}, {})".format(name, lenvar)
elif name in ["is_ptr", "is_weak"]:
return name + " != 0"
return name
_num_params = "nfieldtys nfixedtys nparamtys nrettys nelems nargs nrvs nvars nflags ntys nsigs nret_tys".split()
def forward_call(func, params):
params = [p for p in params if p[0] not in _num_params]
return "ctx.{}({})".format(toCamelCase(func), ", ".join(
conv_param_val(func, n, t) for n,t in params))
for m in r_decl.finditer(text):
name, params, ret = [m.groupdict()[k] for k in "name params ret".split()]
params_out = []
params = params.split(",")
for param in params:
mp =
pt, pp, pn = [mp.groupdict()[k] for k in "type ptr name".split()]
pt = conv_param_ty(pn, pt+pp)
params_out.append((pn, pt))
params_out_str = ", ".join("{}: {}".format(pn, pt) for pn, pt in params_out)
is_value, ret = conv_ret_ty(ret)
impl = forward_call(name, params_out[1:])
if is_value:
impl = "exposeMuValue(ctx, {})".format(impl)
print(" def {}({}): {} = {}".format(name, params_out_str, ret, impl))
package uvm.refimpl.nat
object CDefs {
\ No newline at end of file
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