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MicroVM Reference Implementation 2
**WORKING IN PROGRESS.** This project will be the next reference implementation
of MicroVM. It is based on the
This project will implement the currently MicroVM spec in
This project is the current reference implementation of MicroVM. This project
implements the current MicroVM specification in
This project is based on the
[microvm-refimpl]( is the
previous reference implementation.
How to compile
**For the impatient**:
* If you use Mac, install [Homebrew](
* Install [Scala]( 2.11. If you use Mac and Homebrew,
`brew install scala`.
* Install [sbt]( 0.13. If you use Mac and Homebrew,
`brew install sbt`.
* Install [Scala IDE]( 4.0 (Eclipse with pre-installed
plugins for Scala).
* Clone this repository:
git clone
* In the directory `microvm-refimpl2`, do the following:
sbt update
sbt antlr4:antlr4Generate
sbt eclipse
* Open Scala IDE and import the generated project as "existing project into
**Detailed guide**:
You need [Scala]( 2.11 and
[sbt]( 0.13. It is recommended to install them using
the package manager of your operating system or distribution (including apt-get,
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