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README: version, c/python binding

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# Mu Reference Implementation version 2
Version 2.1.0
Version 2.1.1
This project is the current reference implementation of Mu, the micro virtual
machine designed by [The Micro Virtual Machine Project](
......@@ -80,6 +80,16 @@ project, so that the generated sources will be on the Eclipse build path.
IntelliJ IDEA has plugins for Scala and SBT. Make sure you don't commit `.idea`
or generated project files into the repository.
### C binding and Python binding
The C binding is in the `cbinding` directory. Just run `make` inside `cbinding`.
The Python binding is in the `pythonbinding` directory. It depends on the C
binding, so make sure you make the C binding first. The Python binding does not
need to be built.
See the `` files in `cbinding` and `pythonbinding` for more details.
## How to run
There is a sample factorial program (generously provided by @johnjiabinzhang) in
......@@ -117,8 +127,8 @@ corresponds to the `MuCtx` struct in the spec. `uvm.refimpl.MuValue` and its
subclasses implement the `MuValue` handles, but has a real Scala type hierarchy
and does extra type checking when converting, which is not required by the spec.
The client can also be written in C or other languages that can interface with
C. (TODO: this part is under construction)
The client can also be written in C, Python or other languages that can
interface with C.
### Threading model
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