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Commit 72dcd8b1 authored by Kunshan Wang's avatar Kunshan Wang

cbinding makefile for aarch64

It now determines the JDK library path by the result of uname -m, rather than
hard-coding amd64
parent bc1bd06d
...@@ -2,10 +2,20 @@ ifndef JAVA_HOME ...@@ -2,10 +2,20 @@ ifndef JAVA_HOME
$(error JAVA_HOME is required. Invoke with 'make JAVA_HOME=/path/to/java/home') $(error JAVA_HOME is required. Invoke with 'make JAVA_HOME=/path/to/java/home')
endif endif
unamem := $(shell uname -m)
ifeq ($(unamem),x86_64)
JDKARCH := amd64
else ifeq ($(unamem),aarch64)
JDKARCH := aarch64
$(error Unsupported architecture: $(unamem))
CFLAGS += -std=gnu11 -g -I $(JAVA_HOME)/include CFLAGS += -std=gnu11 -g -I $(JAVA_HOME)/include
ifndef OS ifndef OS
uname := $(shell uname) uname := $(shell uname)
ifeq ($(uname),Darwin) ifeq ($(uname),Darwin)
else ifeq ($(uname),Linux) else ifeq ($(uname),Linux)
...@@ -20,7 +30,7 @@ ifeq ($(OS),OSX) ...@@ -20,7 +30,7 @@ ifeq ($(OS),OSX)
LDFLAGS += -L $(JAVA_HOME)/jre/lib/server -l jvm -rpath $(JAVA_HOME)/jre/lib/server -install_name '@rpath/' LDFLAGS += -L $(JAVA_HOME)/jre/lib/server -l jvm -rpath $(JAVA_HOME)/jre/lib/server -install_name '@rpath/'
else ifeq ($(OS),LINUX) else ifeq ($(OS),LINUX)
CFLAGS += -I $(JAVA_HOME)/include/linux CFLAGS += -I $(JAVA_HOME)/include/linux
LDFLAGS += -Wl,--no-as-needed -L $(JAVA_HOME)/jre/lib/amd64/server -l jvm -Wl,-rpath,$(JAVA_HOME)/jre/lib/amd64/server LDFLAGS += -Wl,--no-as-needed -L $(JAVA_HOME)/jre/lib/$(JDKARCH)/server -l jvm -Wl,-rpath,$(JAVA_HOME)/jre/lib/$(JDKARCH)/server
endif endif
.PHONY: all .PHONY: all
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