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Commit 7f3709b2 authored by Kunshan Wang's avatar Kunshan Wang

Hello world case with HAIL and native iface.

No C code written.
parent 878c45f0
package uvm.refimpl.hail
import org.scalatest._
import uvm._
import uvm.types._
import uvm.ssavariables._
import uvm.refimpl._
import uvm.refimpl.itpr._
import uvm.refimpl.mem._
import MemoryOrder._
import AtomicRMWOptr._
import uvm.refimpl.mem.TypeSizes.Word
import uvm.refimpl.TrapHandlerResult.{ ThreadExit, Rebind }
import uvm.refimpl.HowToResume.{ PassValues, ThrowExc }
import ch.qos.logback.classic.Level._
import uvm.refimpl.RichMuCtx._
import com.kenai.jffi.Library
class UvmHailHelloWorldTest extends UvmHailTesterBase {
"uvm.refimpl.hail" -> DEBUG //"uvm.refimpl.mem" -> DEBUG,
//"uvm.refimpl.itpr" -> DEBUG
behavior of "The HAIL reader and the unsafe native interface"
it should "create string constants and print it using the 'write' syscall" in {
val mc = microVM.newContext()
loadHailFromFile(mc, "tests/uvm-hail-test/hello-world-test.hail")
// Resolve the function address for 'write'
val lib = Library.getDefault()
val funcAddr = lib.getSymbolAddress("write")
val hFuncAddr = mc.handleFromFP("@write.fp", funcAddr)
val hWrite = mc.handleFromGlobal("@write"), hWrite, hFuncAddr)
val func = mc.handleFromFunc("@main")
testFunc(mc, func, Seq()) { (ctx, th, st, wp) =>
val Seq(rv: MuIntValue) = ctx.dumpKeepalives(st, 0)
val rvInt = ctx.handleToSInt(rv).toLong
printf("[trap handler] %d bytes written\n", rvInt)
rvInt shouldBe 13
\ No newline at end of file
// hail
.newhybrid $hw <@string> 13
// "Hello world!\n"
.init $hw = {13 {72 101 108 108 111 32 119 111 114 108 100 33 10}}
.init @conststr_helloworld = $hw
// uir
// require "../uvm-refimpl-test/primitives.uir"
.typedef @size_t = int<64>
.funcsig @write.sig = (@i32 @ptrvoid @size_t) -> (@size_t)
.typedef @write.fp = ufuncptr<@write.sig>
.global @write <@write.fp>
.typedef @string = hybrid<@i64 @i8>
.typedef @string.r = ref<@string>
.global @conststr_helloworld <@string.r>
.const @STDOUT <@i32> = 1
.funcsig @main.sig = () -> ()
.funcdef @main VERSION %1 <@main.sig> {
%str = LOAD <@string.r> @conststr_helloworld = GETIREF <@string> %str
%str.l = GETFIELDIREF <@string 0>
%len = LOAD <@i64> %str.l // @i64 is the same as @size_t
%str.v = GETVARPARTIREF <@string>
%write = LOAD <@write.fp> @write
%buf = COMMINST <@irefi8> (%str.v)
%rv = CCALL #DEFAULT <@write.fp @write.sig> %write (@STDOUT %buf %len)
COMMINST @uvm.native.unpin <@irefi8> (%str.v)
[%trap] TRAP <> KEEPALIVE(%rv)
COMMINST @uvm.thread_exit
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