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    Scala 2.12.2, deprecated, clientsupport · 08b6e8f0
    Kunshan Wang authored
    Switched Scala version to 2.12.2, the most recent stable version.  It
    will now require Java 1.8.
    Fixed existing uses of deprecated features.
    Removed the `uvm.clientsupport` package.  This package was intended to
    help Mu clients build text-based Mu IR bundles.  However, we started
    using the IR Builder API instead, and the `uvm.clientsupport` package
    remained unused.  The same capability can be provided by the
    `mu-tool-compiler` project
    (  `uvm.clientsupport`
    provided a non-SSA-to-ssa converter, which can be useful for clients.
    If there are needs of resurrecting that feature, please checkout the
    previous commit.
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