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......@@ -47,14 +47,16 @@ Installing
The framework can be *optionally* installed as a Python application.
TODO: installation instruction
pip install -U .
Running the tests
To run the performance measurement locally you need to supply a YAML
file specifying the task set. An exmaple YAML task set config file can
be found at ``example/test_config.yml``. The following command runs the
To run the performance measurement locally you need to supply one or more YAML
files specifying the task sets. Exmaple YAML task set config files can
be found under ``example/``. The following command runs the
test config:
......@@ -67,6 +69,7 @@ Documentation
- `Task set configuration file specification <docs/config.md>`__
- `Callback and benchmark implementation
documentation <docs/callback.md>`__
- `Settings reference <docs/settings.md>`__
- `WEB_SECRET`: secret key for Flask web application
- `WEB_POI_REPO`: Repo of interest
- `WEB_POI_HOST`: Host of interest where result is produced
- `WEB_RESULT_DIR`: Paths of results on web server
- `PYPY`
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