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Update documentation for applying patches

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......@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ to be cloned:
Please follow the relevant steps to set up / compile the repositories.
Note that for ``mu-client-pypy``, ``mu-rewrite`` branch is to be used,
and ``pypy.patch`` needs to be applied.
and ``pypy.patch``, ``clang_opt_flag.patch`` needs to be applied.
Other Dependencies
......@@ -68,32 +68,9 @@ Documentation
- `Callback and benchmark implementation
documentation <docs/callback.md>`__
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<!--## Contributing
Please read [CONTRIBUTING.md](https://gist.github.com/PurpleBooth/b24679402957c63ec426) for details on our code of conduct, and the process for submitting pull requests to us.
## Versioning
We use [SemVer](http://semver.org/) for versioning. For the versions available, see the [tags on this repository](https://github.com/your/project/tags).
## Authors
* **Billie Thompson** - *Initial work* - [PurpleBooth](https://github.com/PurpleBooth)
See also the list of [contributors](https://github.com/your/project/contributors) who participated in this project.-->
This project is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License - see the
`LICENSE <LICENSE>`__ file for details
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<!--## Acknowledgments
* Hat tip to anyone who's code was used
* Inspiration
* etc-->
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