Commit 762d4db2 authored by Kunshan Wang's avatar Kunshan Wang

Documented the C-based API.

parent 4f133280
......@@ -48,10 +48,11 @@ typedef struct MuCtx MuCtx;
// Signature of the trap handler
typedef void (*MuTrapHandler)(MuCtx *ctx, MuThreadRefValue thread,
MuStackRefValue stack, int wpid, MuTrapHandlerResult *result,
MuStackRefValue *new_stack, MuValue *value, MuRefValue *exception);
MuStackRefValue *new_stack, MuValue *value, MuRefValue *exception,
MuCPtr userdata);
// Signature of the undefined funciton handler
typedef void (*MuUndefFuncHandler)(MuCtx *ctx, MuID func_id);
typedef void (*MuUndefFuncHandler)(MuCtx *ctx, MuID func_id, MuCPtr userdata);
// Memory orders
typedef int MuMemOrd;
......@@ -103,8 +104,8 @@ struct MuVM {
MuName (*name_of)(MuVM *mvm, MuID id);
// Set handlers
void (*set_trap_handler )(MuVM *mvm, MuTrapHandler trap_handler);
void (*set_undef_func_handler)(MuVM *mvm, MuUndefFuncHandler undef_func_handler);
void (*set_trap_handler )(MuVM *mvm, MuTrapHandler trap_handler, MuCPtr userdata);
void (*set_undef_func_handler)(MuVM *mvm, MuUndefFuncHandler undef_func_handler, MuCPtr userdata);
// A local context. It can only be used by one thread at a time. It holds many
......@@ -240,6 +241,6 @@ struct MuCtx {
// Expose Mu functions as native callable things, usually function pointers
MuValue (*expose )(MuCtx *ctx, MuFuncRefValue func, MuCallConv call_conv, MuIntValue cookie);
void (*unexpose)(MuCtx *ctx, MuValue value);
void (*unexpose)(MuCtx *ctx, MuCallConv call_conv, MuValue value);
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