Commit a27f1529 authored by Kunshan Wang's avatar Kunshan Wang

Synchronise with refimpl2

Updated to handle all pragmas internally.
parent 39604478
......@@ -39,30 +39,85 @@ def extract_pragmas(text):
return text.split(";")
def extract_method(name, params, ret_ty, pragmas):
params = extract_params(params)
ret_ty = filter_ret_ty(ret_ty)
pragmas = extract_pragmas(pragmas)
params_index = {p["name"]:p for p in params}
for pragma in pragmas:
parts = pragma.split(":")
param_name = parts[0]
if param_name not in params_index:
raise Exception("Method {}: Pragma {} is for unknown param {}".format(
name, pragma, param_name))
param = params_index[param_name]
kind = parts[1]
if kind == 'array':
sz_param_name = parts[2]
param["array_sz_param"] = sz_param_name
if sz_param_name not in params_index:
raise Exception(
"Method {}: param {}: Array length parameter {} does not exist".format(
name, pn, sz_param_name))
sz_param = params_index[sz_param_name]
sz_param["is_sz_param"] = True
elif kind == 'optional':
param["is_optional"] = True
elif kind == 'out':
param["is_out"] = True
raise Exception("Method {}: param {}: Unrecognised pragma {}".format(
name, pn, pragma))
return {
"name": name,
"params": params,
"ret_ty": ret_ty,
# "pragmas": pragmas, # Don't include it any more, since we handle everything.
def extract_methods(body):
methods = []
for ret, name, params, pragma in r_decl.findall(body):
"name": name,
"params": extract_params(params),
"ret_ty": filter_ret_ty(ret),
"pragmas": extract_pragmas(pragma),
for ret, name, params, pragmas in r_decl.findall(body):
method = extract_method(name, params, ret, pragmas)
return methods
def extract_struct(text, name):
return injecttools.extract_lines(text, (r_struct_start, name), (r_struct_end,))
def extract_enum(name, ty, value, pragmas):
pragmas = extract_pragmas(pragmas)
enum = {
"name": name,
"value": value,
# "pragmas": pragmas, # Don't include it any more, since we handle everything.
for pragma in pragmas:
parts = pragma.split(":")
pragma_name = parts[0]
if pragma_name == "muname":
muname = parts[1]
enum["muname"] = muname
return enum
def extract_enums(text, typename, pattern):
defs = []
for name, ty, value, pragma in r_define.findall(text):
for name, ty, value, pragmas in r_define.findall(text):
if is not None:
"name": name,
"value": value,
"pragmas": extract_pragmas(pragma),
enum = extract_enum(name, ty, value, pragmas)
return {
"name": typename,
"defs": defs,
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