Commit 4b6c9a8b authored by Kunshan Wang's avatar Kunshan Wang

fixed signatures

parent 476682d1
......@@ -409,10 +409,10 @@ struct MuCtx {
MuChildNode (*get_node )(MuCtx *ctx, MuBundleNode b, MuID id);
// Get the ID of the IR node "node".
MuID (*get_id )(MuCtx *ctx, MuChildNode node);
MuID (*get_id )(MuCtx *ctx, MuBundleNode b, MuChildNode node);
// Set the name of the IR node. MuName is '\0' terminated char*.
void (*set_name )(MuCtx *ctx, MuChildNode node, MuName name);
void (*set_name )(MuCtx *ctx, MuBundleNode b, MuChildNode node, MuName name);
/// Create top-level definitions. When created, they are added to the bundle "b".
......@@ -459,9 +459,9 @@ struct MuCtx {
MuConstNode (*new_const_float )(MuCtx *ctx, MuBundleNode b, MuTypeNode ty, float value);
MuConstNode (*new_const_double )(MuCtx *ctx, MuBundleNode b, MuTypeNode ty, double value);
// new_const_null works for all general reference types, but not uptr or ufuncptr.
MuConstNode (*new_const_null )(MuCtx *ctx, MuBundleNode b);
MuConstNode (*new_const_null )(MuCtx *ctx, MuBundleNode b, MuTypeNode ty);
// new_const_seq works for structs, arrays and vectors. Constants are non-recursive, so there is no populate_list_const.
MuConstNode (*new_const_seq )(MuCtx *ctx, MuBundleNode b, MuConstNode *elems, int nelems);
MuConstNode (*new_const_seq )(MuCtx *ctx, MuBundleNode b, MuTypeNode ty, MuConstNode *elems, int nelems);
// Create global cell
MuGlobalNode (*new_global_cell )(MuCtx *ctx, MuBundleNode b, MuTypeNode ty);
......@@ -552,7 +552,7 @@ struct MuCtx {
MuInstNode (*new_swapstack_ret )(MuCtx *ctx, MuBBNode bb, MuVarNode swappee, MuTypeNode *ret_tys, int nret_tys);
MuInstNode (*new_swapstack_kill)(MuCtx *ctx, MuBBNode bb, MuVarNode swappee);
void (*set_newstack_pass_values)(MuCtx *ctx, MuInstNode inst, MuTypeNode tys, MuVarNode *vars, int nvars);
void (*set_newstack_pass_values)(MuCtx *ctx, MuInstNode inst, MuTypeNode *tys, MuVarNode *vars, int nvars);
void (*set_newstack_throw_exc )(MuCtx *ctx, MuInstNode inst, MuVarNode exc);
MuInstNode (*new_comminst )(MuCtx *ctx, MuBBNode bb, MuCommInst opcode,
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