Commit 9820e33b authored by Kunshan Wang's avatar Kunshan Wang

Sync with refimpl2, added

Improved the annotations in muapi.h so that it is easier to generate
language bindings automatically.

The is copied from refimpl2 for convenience.
parent 831315bd
This diff is collapsed.
Parse the muapi.h so that you can generate different bindings.
The result will be a simple JSON object (dict of dicts).
import re
import injecttools
r_commpragma = re.compile(r'///\s*MUAPIPARSER:(.*)$')
r_comment = re.compile(r'//.*$', re.MULTILINE)
r_decl = re.compile(r'(?P<ret>\w+\s*\*?)\s*\(\s*\*\s*(?P<name>\w+)\s*\)\s*\((?P<params>[^)]*)\)\s*;\s*(?:///\s*MUAPIPARSER\s+(?P<pragma>.*)$)?', re.MULTILINE)
r_param = re.compile(r'\s*(?P<type>\w+\s*\*?)\s*(?P<name>\w+)')
r_define = re.compile(r'^\s*#define\s+(?P<name>\w+)\s*\(\((?P<type>\w+)\)(?P<value>\w+)\)\s*$', re.MULTILINE)
r_typedef = re.compile(r'^\s*typedef\s+(?P<expand_to>\w+\s*\*?)\s*(?P<name>\w+)\s*;', re.MULTILINE)
r_struct_start = re.compile(r'^struct\s+(\w+)\s*\{')
r_struct_end = re.compile(r'^\};')
def filter_ret_ty(text):
return text.replace(" ","")
def extract_params(text):
params = []
for text1 in text.split(','):
ty, name =
ty = ty.replace(" ",'')
params.append({"type": ty, "name": name})
return params
def extract_pragmas(text):
text = text.strip()
if len(text) == 0:
return []
return text.split(";")
def extract_methods(body):
methods = []
for ret, name, params, pragma in r_decl.findall(body):
"name": name,
"params": extract_params(params),
"ret_ty": filter_ret_ty(ret),
"pragmas": extract_pragmas(pragma),
return methods
def extract_struct(text, name):
return injecttools.extract_lines(text, (r_struct_start, name), (r_struct_end,))
def extract_enums(text, typename, pattern):
defs = []
for m in r_define.finditer(text):
if m is not None:
name, ty, value = m.groups()
if is not None:
defs.append({"name": name, "value": value})
return {
"name": typename,
"defs": defs,
_top_level_structs = ["MuVM", "MuCtx"]
_enums = [(typename, re.compile(regex)) for typename, regex in [
("MuTrapHandlerResult", r'^MU_(THREAD|REBIND)'),
("MuDestKind", r'^MU_DEST_'),
("MuBinOptr", r'^MU_BINOP_'),
("MuCmpOptr", r'^MU_CMP_'),
("MuConvOptr", r'^MU_CONV_'),
("MuMemOrd", r'^MU_ORD_'),
("MuAtomicRMWOptr", r'^MU_ARMW_'),
("MuCallConv", r'^MU_CC_'),
("MuCommInst", r'^MU_CI_'),
def extract_typedefs(text):
typedefs = {}
for m in r_typedef.finditer(text):
expand_to, name = m.groups()
typedefs[name] = expand_to.replace(" ","")
return typedefs
def parse_muapi(text):
structs = []
for sn in _top_level_structs:
b = extract_struct(text, sn)
methods = extract_methods(b)
structs.append({"name": sn, "methods": methods})
enums = []
for tn,pat in _enums:
enums.append(extract_enums(text, tn, pat))
typedefs = extract_typedefs(text)
return {
"structs": structs,
"enums": enums,
"typedefs": typedefs,
if __name__=='__main__':
import sys, pprint, shutil
width = 80
width, height = shutil.get_terminal_size((80, 25))
text =
pprint.pprint(parse_muapi(text), width=width)
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