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Commit 86fb91e0 authored by Isaac Oscar Gariano's avatar Isaac Oscar Gariano
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Fixed bug with exception paramater ids

parent 3b0d8ee8
......@@ -515,12 +515,13 @@ namespace C
::parent_names.push(::last_name); // the global name of the basic block
auto nor_param_ids = accept_list("MuID", context->params);
auto exc_param_id = try_accept<MuID>(context->exc, "MU_NO_ID"s);
auto nor_param_types = accept_list("MuTypeNode", context->param_tys);
auto insts = accept_list("MuInstNode", context->inst());
generate_call(irbuilder + "->new_bb"s, irbuilder, id,
nor_param_ids.value, nor_param_types.value, nor_param_ids.size,
try_accept<MuID>(context->exc, "MU_NO_ID"s),
insts.value, insts.size);
......@@ -1366,4 +1367,4 @@ void c_compile(std::string ctx, std::string filename, std::ostream& output, std:
::error = true;
C::Visitor(ctx, output, irbuilder).accept(ir);
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -450,12 +450,12 @@ namespace Runtime
::parent_names.push(::last_name); // the global name of the basic block
auto nor_param_ids = accept_list<MuID>(context->params);
auto exc_param_id = try_accept<MuID>(context->exc, MU_NO_ID);
auto nor_param_types = accept_list<MuTypeNode>(context->param_tys);
auto insts = accept_list<MuInstNode>(context->inst());
irbuilder->new_bb(irbuilder, id,
&nor_param_ids[0], &nor_param_types[0], nor_param_ids.size(),
try_accept<MuID>(context->exc, MU_NO_ID),
&insts[0], insts.size());
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