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Commit 994faece authored by Isaac Oscar Gariano's avatar Isaac Oscar Gariano
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......@@ -70,8 +70,8 @@ Declares 2 types `@int32` and an anonymous `int<32>`.
## Limitations
Muc will only check for correct syntax, it is up to you to ensure your input is semantically valid.
The files muapi.h and mu-fastimpl.h where taken from 'mu/mu-impl-fast' (master branch) they are kept up to date on each commit of this repo.
If they are changed (or their behaviour changes), muc may not work correctly.
The file mu-fastimpl.h was taken from 'mu/mu-impl-fast' (master branch) and muapi.h from 'mu/mu-spec' they are kept up to date on each commit of mu-tool-compiler.
If they are changed (or Zebu's behaviour or the spec changes with respect to hem), muc may not work correctly.
If you are declaring a `.const` with an integer literal, the type must be declared before the literal
(i.e. it must be declared inline like `.const @foo <int<32>> = 3` or be declared in a previous line of the bundle or in a previous bundle).
......@@ -270,9 +270,6 @@ struct MuVM {
// Set handlers
void (*set_trap_handler)(MuVM *mvm, MuTrapHandler trap_handler, MuCPtr userdata);
void (*compile_to_sharedlib)(MuVM *mvm, MuCString lib_name, MuCString *extra_srcs, MuArraySize n_extra_srcs); /// MUAPIPARSER extra_srcs:array:n_extra_srcs
void (*current_thread_as_mu_thread)(MuVM *mvm, MuCPtr threadlocal);
// A local context. It can only be used by one thread at a time. It holds many
......@@ -791,6 +788,10 @@ struct MuIRBuilder {
#define MU_CI_UVM_META_ENABLE_WATCHPOINT ((MuCommInst)0x25e) /// MUAPIPARSER muname:@uvm.meta.enable_watchpoint
#define MU_CI_UVM_META_DISABLE_WATCHPOINT ((MuCommInst)0x25f) /// MUAPIPARSER muname:@uvm.meta.disable_watchpoint
#define MU_CI_UVM_META_SET_TRAP_HANDLER ((MuCommInst)0x260) /// MUAPIPARSER muname:@uvm.meta.set_trap_handler
#define MU_CI_UVM_META_CONSTANT_BY_ID ((MuCommInst)0x268) /// MUAPIPARSER muname:@uvm.meta.constant_by_id
#define MU_CI_UVM_META_GLOBAL_BY_ID ((MuCommInst)0x269) /// MUAPIPARSER muname:@uvm.meta.global_by_id
#define MU_CI_UVM_META_FUNC_BY_ID ((MuCommInst)0x26a) /// MUAPIPARSER muname:@uvm.meta.func_by_id
#define MU_CI_UVM_META_EXPFUNC_BY_ID ((MuCommInst)0x26b) /// MUAPIPARSER muname:@uvm.meta.expfunc_by_id
#define MU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_NEW_IR_BUILDER ((MuCommInst)0x270) /// MUAPIPARSER muname:@uvm.irbuilder.new_ir_builder
#define MU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_LOAD ((MuCommInst)0x300) /// MUAPIPARSER muname:@uvm.irbuilder.load
#define MU_CI_UVM_IRBUILDER_ABORT ((MuCommInst)0x301) /// MUAPIPARSER muname:@uvm.irbuilder.abort
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