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......@@ -32,11 +32,9 @@ Use `-s` instead of `-r` to do syntax checking of your input files and nothing e
The syntax is specified in `UIR.g4`, all the files in `./parser` are generated from this file.
The syntax is a super set of the reference implementations syntax and the syntax used in the mu-spec.
Note: you may now specified the function signature before the version in a `.funcdef`, it is also now optional.
It adds the following 'syntax sugar':
* comments, C++ style `// ... ` and C-style `/* ... */`.
* Comments, C++ style `// ... ` and C-style `/* ... */`.
* The signature in a `.funcdef` is optional, it may also be specified before the `VERSION` name.
* If there is a signature in a `.funcdef` and no previouse corresponding `.funcdecl`, one will be created for you.
* the version name in a `.funcdef` is optional, if absent a local one (starting with a `%`) will be automatically generated
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