Commit 8c678ca1 authored by Carl Friedrich Bolz's avatar Carl Friedrich Bolz

optimize global lookups

version the global dict: make the JIT assume that globals are rarely
changed at runtime and make it produce new machine code when they
parent dbec228f
from rpython.rlib.rrandom import Random
from rpython.rlib import jit
from som.interpreter.interpreter import Interpreter
from som.interpreter.bytecodes import Bytecodes
......@@ -26,14 +27,22 @@ import time
from rlib.exit import Exit
from rlib.osext import path_split
class GlobalVersion(object):
class Universe(object):
_immutable_fields_ = [
def __init__(self, avoid_exit = False):
self._interpreter = Interpreter(self)
self._symbol_table = SymbolTable()
self._globals = {}
self._global_version = GlobalVersion()
self.nilObject = None
self.trueObject = None
self.falseObject = None
......@@ -478,12 +487,18 @@ class Universe(object):
def get_global(self, name):
# Return the global with the given name if it's in the dictionary of globals
# if not, return None
return self._get_global(name, self._global_version)
def _get_global(self, name, version):
return self._globals.get(name, None)
def set_global(self, name, value):
# Insert the given value into the dictionary of globals
self._globals[name] = value
self._global_version = GlobalVersion()
def has_global(self, name):
# Returns if the universe has a value for the global of the given name
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