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Commit 8e738a19 authored by Stefan Marr's avatar Stefan Marr
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Added MethodGenerationContext class

Signed-off-by: default avatarStefan Marr <>
parent 70635d54
from som.interpreter.bytecodes import Bytecodes as BC
class MethodGenerationContext(object):
def __init__(self):
self._holder_genc = None
self._outer_genc = None
self._block_method = None
self._signature = None
self._arguments = []
self._primitive = None
self._locals = []
self._literals = []
self._finished = False
self._bytecode = []
def set_holder(self, cgenc):
self._holder_genc = cgenc
def add_argument(self, arg):
def is_primitive(self):
return self._primitive
def assemblePrimitive(self, universe):
return Primitive.get_empty_primitive(self._signature.get_string(), universe)
def assemble(self, universe):
# create a method instance with the given number of bytecodes and literals
num_literals = len(self._literals)
meth = universe.new_method(self._signature, len(self._bytecode), num_literals)
# populate the fields that are immediately available
num_locals = len(locals)
# copy literals into the method
i = 0
for l in self._literals:
meth.set_indexableField(i, l)
i += 1
# copy bytecodes into method
i = 0
for bc in self._bytecode:
meth.set_bytecode(i, bc)
i += 1
# return the method - the holder field is to be set later on!
return meth
def _compute_stack_depth(self):
depth = 0
max_depth = 0
i = 0
for bc in self._bytecode:
if BC.stack_effect_depends_on_send(bc):
signature = self._literals[self._bytecode[i + 1]]
depth += BC.get_stack_effect(bc, signature.get_number_of_signature_arguments())
depth += BC.get_stack_effect(bc)
i += BC.get_bytecode_length(bc)
if depth > max_depth:
max_depth = depth
return max_depth
def set_primitive(self, boolean):
self._primitive = boolean
def set_signature(self, sig):
self._signature = sig
def add_argument_if_absent(self, arg):
if arg in self._locals:
return False
return True
def is_finished(self):
return self._finished
def set_finished(self, boolean = True):
self._finished = boolean
def add_local_if_absent(self, local):
if local in self._locals:
return False
return True
def add_local(self, local):
def remove_last_bytecode(self):
self._bytecode = self._bytecode[:-1]
def is_block_method(self):
return self._block_method
def add_literal_if_absent(self, lit):
if lit in self._literals:
return False
return True
def set_is_block_method(self, boolean):
self._block_method = boolean
def get_holder(self):
return self._holder_genc
def set_outer(self, mgenc):
self._outer_genc = mgenc
def add_literal(self, lit):
def find_var(self, var, triplet):
# triplet: index, context, isArgument
triplet[0] = self._locals.index(var)
if triplet[0] == -1:
triplet[0] = self._arguments.index(var)
if triplet[0] == -1:
if not self._outer_genc:
return False
triplet[1] = triplet[1] + 1
return self._outer_genc.find_var(var, triplet)
triplet[2] = True
return True
def has_field(self, field):
return self._holder_genc.has_field(field)
def get_field_index(self, field):
return self._holder_genc.get_field_index(field)
def get_number_of_arguments(self):
return len(self._arguments)
def add_bytecode(self, bc):
def find_literal_index(self, lit):
return self._literals.index(lit)
def get_outer(self):
return self._outer_genc
def get_signature(self):
return self._signature
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