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Commit a9de8693 authored by Tobias Pape's avatar Tobias Pape Committed by Stefan Marr
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correct printing of doubles

parent eb733661
from rpython.rlib.rfloat import (formatd, DTSF_ADD_DOT_0, DTSF_STR_PRECISION,
NAN, INFINITY, isfinite, round_away)
from som.primitives.primitives import Primitives
from som.vmobjects.primitive import Primitive
from som.vmobjects.double import Double
......@@ -14,7 +16,9 @@ def _coerce_to_double(obj, universe):
def _asString(ivkbl, frame, interpreter):
rcvr = frame.pop()
d = rcvr.get_embedded_double()
s = formatd(d, "g", DTSF_STR_PRECISION, DTSF_ADD_DOT_0)
def _sqrt(ivkbl, frame, interpreter):
rcvr = frame.pop()
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