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Commit c233bc9b authored by Tobias Pape's avatar Tobias Pape
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RPython cannot create closures dynamically

hence, we make _invoke readily availabe. Also, is_empty is now state-based
and not behavior-based
parent c46e9c2c
......@@ -19,9 +19,14 @@ class Primitive(Object, Invokable):
# Set the signature of this primitive
self.invoke = types.MethodType(invoke, self)
if is_empty:
self.is_empty = is_empty
self._invoke = invoke
#self.invoke = types.MethodType(invoke, self)
self._is_empty = is_empty
def invoke(self, frame, interpreter):
inv = self._invoke
inv(self, frame, interpreter)
def is_primitive(self):
return True
......@@ -49,16 +54,12 @@ class Primitive(Object, Invokable):
def is_empty(self):
# By default a primitive is not empty
return False
return self._is_empty
def empty_primitive(signature_string, universe):
# Return an empty primitive with the given signature
def _invoke(ivkbl, frame, interpreter):
# Write a warning to the screen
universe.std_println("Warning: undefined primitive " +
ivkbl.get_signature().get_string() + " called")
# The empty primitives are empty
def _is_empty(self): return True
return Primitive(signature_string, universe, _invoke, _is_empty)
return Primitive(signature_string, universe, _invoke, True)
def _invoke(ivkbl, frame, interpreter):
# Write a warning to the screen
print "Warning: undefined primitive", ivkbl.get_signature().get_string(), " called"
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