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Commit dbec228f authored by Carl Friedrich Bolz's avatar Carl Friedrich Bolz
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reduce the use of has_global

it always lead to two dict lookups instead of one
parent fb5eccfe
......@@ -478,11 +478,7 @@ class Universe(object):
def get_global(self, name):
# Return the global with the given name if it's in the dictionary of globals
if self.has_global(name):
return self._globals[name]
# Global not found
return None
return self._globals.get(name, None)
def set_global(self, name, value):
# Insert the given value into the dictionary of globals
......@@ -515,8 +511,9 @@ class Universe(object):
def load_class(self, name):
# Check if the requested class is already in the dictionary of globals
if self.has_global(name):
return self.get_global(name)
result = self.get_global(name)
if result is not None:
return result
# Load the class
result = self._load_class(name, None)
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