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Commit e6acc57b authored by Carl Friedrich Bolz's avatar Carl Friedrich Bolz
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enable the main loop jit driver again

this is made possible with a workaround for the JIT bug that so far
disabled inlining when this driver is present.
parent fb770d20
......@@ -147,24 +147,25 @@ class Interpreter(object):
def interpret(self, method, frame):
bc_idx = 0
# Iterate through the bytecodes
current_bc_idx = 0
while True:
current_bc_idx = bc_idx
# jitdriver.jit_merge_point(bytecode_index=current_bc_idx,
# interp=self,
# method=method,
# frame=frame)
# since methods cannot contain loops (all loops are done via primitives)
# profiling only needs to be done on pc = 0
if current_bc_idx == 0:
jitdriver.can_enter_jit(bytecode_index=current_bc_idx, interp=self, method=method, frame=frame)
bytecode = method.get_bytecode(current_bc_idx)
# Get the length of the current bytecode
bc_length = bytecode_length(bytecode)
# Compute the next bytecode index
bc_idx = current_bc_idx + bc_length
next_bc_idx = current_bc_idx + bc_length
# Handle the current bytecode
if bytecode == Bytecodes.halt: # BC: 0
......@@ -200,6 +201,8 @@ class Interpreter(object):
elif bytecode == Bytecodes.return_non_local: # BC:15
return self._do_return_non_local(frame)
current_bc_idx = next_bc_idx
def new_frame(self, prev_frame, method, context):
return self._universe.new_frame(prev_frame, method, context)
......@@ -248,7 +251,16 @@ jitdriver = jit.JitDriver(
greens=['bytecode_index', 'interp', 'method'],
# virtualizables=['frame'],
# the next line is a workaround around a likely bug in RPython
# for some reason, the inlining heuristics default to "never inline" when
# two different jit drivers are involved (in our case, the primitive
# driver, and this one).
# the next line says that calls involving this jitdriver should always be
# inlined once (which means that things like Integer>>< will be inlined
# into a while loop again, when enabling this drivers).
should_unroll_one_iteration = lambda bytecode_index, inter, method: True)
def jitpolicy(driver):
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