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Commit ec38ee95 authored by Stefan Marr's avatar Stefan Marr
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Added initial merge point for RPython JIT

inspired by the basics of krono/PySOM@ ea2759717c38d83bd1c68dbd8e9dcced08861c45
Signed-off-by: default avatarStefan Marr <>
parent 349463b4
from som.interpreter.bytecodes import bytecode_length, Bytecodes
from rpython.rlib import jit
class Interpreter(object):
def __init__(self, universe):
......@@ -160,15 +162,23 @@ class Interpreter(object):
# Iterate through the bytecodes
while True:
# Get the current bytecode
bytecode = self.get_method().get_bytecode(self._bytecode_index)
current_bc_idx = self._bytecode_index
method = self.get_method()
bytecode = method.get_bytecode(current_bc_idx)
# Get the length of the current bytecode
bc_length = bytecode_length(bytecode)
# Compute the next bytecode index
self._bytecode_index = current_bc_idx + bc_length
# Handle the current bytecode
if bytecode == Bytecodes.halt:
return self.get_frame().get_stack_element(0)
......@@ -285,3 +295,23 @@ class Interpreter(object):
# Push the result
def get_printable_location(bytecode_index, interp, method):
from som.vmobjects.method import Method
from som.interpreter.bytecodes import bytecode_as_str
assert isinstance(method, Method)
bc = method.get_bytecode(bytecode_index)
return "%s @ %d in %s" % (bytecode_as_str(bc),
jitdriver = jit.JitDriver(
greens=['bytecode_index', 'interp', 'method'], #
# virtualizables=['frame'],
def jitpolicy(driver):
from rpython.jit.codewriter.policy import JitPolicy
return JitPolicy()
......@@ -146,3 +146,8 @@ class Method(Array):
def set_inline_cache(self, bytecode_index, receiver_class, invokable):
self._inline_cache_class[bytecode_index] = receiver_class
self._inline_cache_invokable[bytecode_index] = invokable
def merge_point_string(self):
""" debug info for the jit """
return "%s>>%s" % (self.get_holder().get_name().get_string(),
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