Commit 773e3856 by Stefan Marr

Avoid over allocating for fields, and fix field name lookup, and make sure that …

…primitives on class-side are found as well

- the logic how classes are built was changed, all super-class fields are known, so they are already there and don't have to be added

Signed-off-by: Stefan Marr <>
1 parent 46a37fbe
Showing with 11 additions and 24 deletions
......@@ -126,37 +126,24 @@ class Class(Object):
std_println(" is not in class definition for class " + self.get_name().get_string())
def get_instance_field_name(self, index):
# Get the name of the instance field with the given index
if index >= self._get_number_of_super_instance_fields():
# Adjust the index to account for fields defined in the super class
index -= self._get_number_of_super_instance_fields()
# Return the symbol representing the instance fields name
return self.get_instance_fields().get_indexable_field(index)
# Ask the super class to return the name of the instance field
return self.get_super_class().get_instance_field_name(index)
return self.get_instance_fields().get_indexable_field(index)
def get_number_of_instance_fields(self):
# Get the total number of instance fields in this class
return (self.get_instance_fields().get_number_of_indexable_fields() +
return self.get_instance_fields().get_number_of_indexable_fields()
def _get_number_of_super_instance_fields(self):
# Get the total number of instance fields defined in super classes
if self.has_super_class():
return self.get_super_class().get_number_of_instance_fields()
return 0
def has_primitives(self):
# Lookup invokable with given signature in array of instance invokables
for i in range(0, self.get_number_of_instance_invokables()):
def _includes_primitives(clazz):
for i in range(0, clazz.get_number_of_instance_invokables()):
# Get the next invokable in the instance invokable array
if self.get_instance_invokable(i).is_primitive():
if clazz.get_instance_invokable(i).is_primitive():
return True
return False
def has_primitives(self):
return (self._includes_primitives(self) or
def load_primitives(self):
from som.primitives.known import (primitives_for_class,
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