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......@@ -57,8 +57,4 @@ Browse to `localhost:8000` to see the website.
# import the relevant data
The script `scripts/manage_data/` fills the django database with useful data
(validation wind farms, plots and results, as well as wind turbine power curves).
It gets this data from `drive1`, a harddrive that I (Liam Hayes) filled with
wind related data from "", "ENTSO-E transparency platform", ""
and "Global Wind Atlas".
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... TODO
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# website
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This repo contains all the code needed to deploy the website. It is a django project, to be deployed with nginx and gunicorn.
A database backup (containing turbines, validation results, European wind farms etc.) can be found in the " data" repo.
This backup also includes the files referenced by the database objects.
The ERA5 wind speed data is hosted in a S3 bucket.
Combining these three (code + database backup + S3 bucket) gives the fully functional website.
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