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......@@ -53,8 +53,38 @@ poetry install # install all python packages
./manage runserver
Browse to `localhost:8000` to see the website.
Browse to `localhost:8000` to see the website.
It'll have no data (plots, turbines etc) yet many webpages assume there is data, so expect a few 500 internal service errors.
# import the relevant data
... TODO
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The website data can be imported two ways:
## 1. From scratch
Import data with the `` script. This imports the following from "drive1":
- wind turbines and their power curves
- renewables ninja wind speed traces
- wind farm data, and ENTSO-E generation trace data
- some global wind atlas stats
- ERA5 wind speed traces are downloaded from the S3 bucket
Plot files, and experiment results, still need to be generated:
./scripts/experiments/ ninja # create ninja results
./scripts/experiments/ era5 0.71 1.17 # create era5 results
./scripts/experiments/ trace_plots # create generation trace plots
## 2. From backup
Get the database backup and the media directory from the ` - data` repo.
Make sure all migrations are applied then:
./ flush
./ loaddata database-backup.json
Unzip `` to `media/` at the root of this repo.
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