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Commit 997e6c63 authored by Liam Hayes's avatar Liam Hayes
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script for adding more turbines to

parent 5ef3628d
import pandas as pd
import io
from django.core.files import File
from farms.models import PowerCurve
drive1 = '/media/liam/drive1/'
assorted_turbines_dir = drive1 + 'assorted-turbines/'
def insert():
print('[*] inserting extra power curves... ')
details = pd.read_csv(assorted_turbines_dir + 'details.csv').set_index('name')
for i, row in details.iterrows():
pcurve_data = pd.read_csv(assorted_turbines_dir + row.file).set_index('wind')
buf = io.StringIO()
pcurve_obj = PowerCurve(,
data=File(buf, + '.csv')
print(f' {} done')
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