Commit 83b92ad2 authored by Erik Brangs's avatar Erik Brangs

Rename a method parameter in getBasicInterval(RegisterAllocatorState,...

Rename a method parameter in getBasicInterval(RegisterAllocatorState, Instruction s) to improve readability.
parent 9953dccd
......@@ -383,14 +383,14 @@ class CompoundInterval extends IncreasingStartIntervalSet {
* @param regAllocState depth-first numbers for for instructions
* @param dfnNumbers depth-first numbers for for instructions
* @param s The instruction in question
* @return the first basic interval that contains a given
* instruction, {@code null} if there is no such interval
BasicInterval getBasicInterval(RegisterAllocatorState regAllocState, Instruction s) {
return getBasicInterval(regAllocState.getDFN(s));
BasicInterval getBasicInterval(RegisterAllocatorState dfnNumbers, Instruction s) {
return getBasicInterval(dfnNumbers.getDFN(s));
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