Commit 9953dccd authored by Erik Brangs's avatar Erik Brangs

RVM-1090 : Remove custom implementation of removeAll(..) from CompoundInterval.

parent f2fa1f8b
......@@ -322,38 +322,10 @@ class CompoundInterval extends IncreasingStartIntervalSet {
// SJF: the loop as written is slightly more efficient than calling
// removeAll(). However, for some reason, replacing the loop with
// the call to removeAll breaks the compiler on OptTestHarness
// -oc:O2 -method RVMMethod replaceCharWithString -. This is deeply
// disturbing. TODO: fix it. (Hope the problem goes away if/when
// we migrate to classpath libraries).
// removeAll(result);
for (BasicInterval b : result) {
return result;
* SJF: Apparently our java.util implementation of removeAll()
* doesn't work. Perhaps I've somehow screwed up the comparator with
* the "consistent with equals" property?
* It breaks javalex on BaseOptMarkSweep on IA32
* Hopefully this problem will go away if/when we switch to classpath.
* Else, perhaps I'll ditch use of java.util Collections and write my
* own collection classes.
* In the meantime, here's an ugly hack to get around the problem.
* @param c container for the intervals that should be removed
void removeAll(CompoundInterval c) {
for (BasicInterval b : c) {
* @return the lowest DFN in this compound interval
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