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    [svn r505] Due to python.org switching from subversion to mercurial the svn · 9ba5e5cb
    jzigman authored
    checkout of jython, which uses a indirection for part of the checkout
    to svn.python.org no longer functions correctly.  To address this
    the following has been done:
    1) The svn checkout task now has a parameter to ignore failure---this is
       not ideal but the checkout of jython will checkout all and timeout
       on the indirection then finally fail.
    2) The CPythonLib, which is constructed from python.org source is now
       take from a download of a the 2.5.4 python source package.
    3) MD5 checksums have been updated to reflect the changes.
    4) Oddly the jython build will fail with three of the source files containing
       a non-ASCII character in the some comments.  While these files comply with
       the python standard by indicating the character encoding to use, they still
       do not build under ubuntu 8.10, but do build under ubuntu 9.04.  A patch
       has been added to jython.patch to change the characters to an approximate
       ASCII equivalent.
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