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Ir formatting

Isaac Gariano requested to merge ir-formatting into develop

Ir formatting is now almost identical to what MUC expects (theirs a slight problem with 'extern's...)

Compilation now emits the following:

  • f.uir containing the original IR for each function f
  • ___types.uir contains typedefs for all structs and hybrids
  • ___globals.uir contains global definitions for each global cell
  • the ir .dot files now have a very MUC'like IR representation

You should be able to recreate your mu boot image with the *.uir files (ofcourse VM arguments and heap state are not preserved, when MUC supports these features in text format, I will add output to Zebu). Their are some instructions that won't display correct IR, namely those whose 'type parameters' depend on the types of the results (e.g. a swapstack with a ret_with clause)

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